Road to Realtime was designed for reporters desiring to transition to realtime to do so with ease and at a comfortable pace.  The transition is handled in small pieces so that each facet is understood clearly and applied to one’s daily work.   Dragon Professional Individual™ and EclipseVox™ are the two software programs utilized.  This is the only training program available that allows a reporter to actually “test drive” a CAT system unrestricted.  This gives reporters the opportunity to use the software in their real work environments rather than in a simulated classroom.   For those who already possess EclipseVox™, this is the perfect opportunity to acquire comprehensive training and see all the wonderful things that the system can do so that you are utilizing it to its fullest potential.

Length:  16-weeks  (approximately 40+ hours of instruction)

When:  Class is held once a week on Monday evening, beginning at 7pm EST.  Classes are 2-3 hours depending on topic.  All classes are recorded for unlimited reference and playback throughout the program length and for a full 60 days after.

Where:  Via Zoom Web Meeting.


We begin with the introductory classes dedicated solely to Dragon Professional Individual™.   An overview of voice technology and voice-to-text technology will be covered before launching into creating a voice profile and preparing it for interface with EclipseVox™.  Throughout each class, each topic will incorporate ways in which to improve recognition accuracy and continue building and maintaining a clean voice profile.

The EclipseVox™ training will begin with a tour of the software and settings.  We will then cover creating an EclipseVox™ user, utilizing custom toolbars & file management, dictionaries, conducting a realtime translation, transcript production and delivery.

 ADD-ON BONUS (Optional):  Each participant in the program will have 90-day access to Realtime Coach™ - the #1 software available to assist you in strengthening your realtime skills. (Additional charge will apply).


Dragon Professional Individual 15.3 (previous versions are acceptable, however, the class is taught on 15)

EclipseVox™ (An evaluation license is required for those who do not have the software already.  $599

i7 Quad Core processor with a minimum of 16 MB RAM

Sylencer Mask with audio device

External microphone (optional)

(*I can assist with procuring all required software and equipment)


The cost of the class is $1,000, payable in full or in 4 equal monthly payments of $250 (cash, check, credit card* or PayPal accepted. (PayPal is preferred.  There is a fee for credit card payments)

Prior students may re-take the class at a 50% discount - $500, payable in full or 2 equal payments.  (*Realtime Coach™ add-on $150 and may be divided up with your monthly payment)

$50 deposit required to reserve your spot (applied to total cost) and an application.  Contact us to request more information and obtain an application.