Do you struggle with having to create new Dragon profiles?  Would you like to have a “baseline” profile at the ready in those instances where you need it on the fly?

Believe it or not, YOU don’t have to be the one to create your initial profile.  Really anyone can do it.  Then, as you use it, Dragon will begin gathering all the acoustical data necessary to continue to build your profile and give you great recognition results.

Creating your baseline user profile is a new turn-key service.  A new profile is created,  the necessary optimal options are set for use with Eclipse, Vocabulary editor entries are adjusted, your custom words are imported, along with new word lists and over 1500+ of the most common phrases.

Additionally, raw text files will be prepared from YOUR transcripts and analyzed in your new profile using the SpeechText dictionary.  You provide up to 20 transcripts and a SpeechText dictionary if you have one.  If not, one will be created for you. (*You may be asked to provide additional files).

This has been tested and proven reliable and will provide you with a user profile ready to go.  Many of the test subjects reported better recognition upon first use.

Profiles can be created for any of the following USB sound devices (mask does not matter – unless it’s the Martel Dragon mask):

  • The “old” Andrea
  • Sound Blaster xFi Go
  • Sound Blaster Play 3
  • Buddy 7G USB
  • Andrea Pure Audio SA & MA
  • U-Green
  • Roccat

Information you will provide:

  • Mask model and USB sound device
  • Current Custom Word list from Vocabulary editor
  • Transcripts in Eclipse format (20 max)
    • Can use Word documents if you do not have Eclipse documents
  • Eclipse SpeechText dictionary
    • If you do not have a SpeechText dictionary, provide your Eclipse Main dictionary and one will be created for you.


  • Basic $99
    • Profile with your custom words only, options settings, Vocab editor cleanup
  • Pro $150
    • Profile with your custom words, added word lists and phrases, analyzation of text documents provided by you (up to 20), options settings, Vocab editor cleanup
  • Pro+ $200
    • Profile with your custom words, added word lists and phrases, creation of SpeechText dictionary, creation of raw text files from Eclipse documents provided by you, analyzation of raw text documents, options settings, Vocab editor cleanup